8 Powerful keys to building a successful FPL team this season

8 Powerful keys to building a successful FPL team this season

8 Powerful keys to building a successful FPL team this season

8 Powerful keys to building a successful FPL team this season

1. Think beyond Game-week 1

Lots of managers just spend the preseason thinking about the opening features and never look beyond it. However it is best to plan for the first five, six or even seven game weeks to make sure your transfers are in your head.

Try to build a team that will perform not just in the first game week but beyond it. Doing this will allow you to keep those precious wildcards for a little bit later on in the season. I mean, we’ve see managers panicking and playing their wildcards in game week 2 because they had a really bad first gym week this often happens because the field to plan ahead

2. Don’t panic

For Sam Bonfield, the secret to making a good start in FPL is to not panic. Many teams are tweaked heavily after gameweek one, with lots of players taking hits to make panic transfers. This is not often the best as those assets you’re taking hits to get are not guaranteed to continue their form.

so it’s best you stick to the plan. ensure your transfers (if need be) are setting you up for good gameweeks in the weeks to come. Target assets who have a nice run of fixtures.

3. Look at the fixtures

Before picking your FPL team, it would be really nice to look at the fixtures ahead. Which players have a run of favorable fixtures in the next few weeks. This would give you a good insight into whether the players are likely to go on a nice run of form.

4. Concentrate on your rivals

Whether you’re playing FPL with your friend or any group mini league or even with random players, your best bet would be to just focus on beating them rather than trying to beat the over 10 million FPL players. This will make your FPL season more enjoyable and allow you to really see how good your team is and how good you can become.

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5. Pick established players

Everyone knows that there are always pop up assets who deliver big scores in one or two game weeks, causing most managers to take hits just to bring them in. However, these sorts of assets can go on a really bad run where they don’t score points and have you right back to tweaking your team again.

So go for the players who are guaranteed to bring you points all season and stick with them. The cost of premium FPL assets may not allow you to have all of them, so you could make them up with decent players that are guaranteed to start week in week out.

6. Get good assets from the onset

We’ve seen it before that beyond one week wonders, there are some really inexpensive FPL assets that score you higher points than the so-called premium assets over the course of the season. Aston Villa’s Emiliano Martinez from last season is a good example to look at.  This could just be the differential in a really tight mini-league.

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7. Never trust pep

Is there anyone out there who knows what Pep is thinking right now? While it is okay to have Man City assets in your team. Expert opinion suggests you should be wary of the Pep factor. It’s terrible when your captain plays just the last 10 minutes or doesn’t even make the Matchday squad. Pick guaranteed starters unless you know who Pep is going to play. Never trust Pep Guardiola!

8. Change your methods

Every FPL season is different from the other. The lessons you’ve learned from the previous seasons may not apply to the current one. Just play according to the prevailing factors at the time but remember that your experience can always come in handy.

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