#Debates2020: Donald Trump And Joe Biden Insult Each Other In Chaotic Presidential Debate

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The United States of America’s president Donald Trump, and former Vice-president Joe Biden, participated in their very first presidential debate, on September 29, in a stage set up for them to explain their manifesto ahead of the presidential elections scheduled for Tuesday, November 3 2020.

However, the long time awaiting presidental debate between the incumbent president Trump and Biden turned chaotic and has since been described as “a train wreck” by section of observers owing to the mudslinging that took centre stage, at the venue in Cleveland, Ohio.

Helpless moderator Chris Wallace

The debate’s moderator Chris Wallace, a reputable journalist with Foxnews, had a hard time maintaining sanity between the duo who played off the rail, playing against the rules they both agreed to uphold.

Among issues Wallace tasked Trump and Biden to talk about was the resuscitation of the economy, coronavirus pandemic and white supremacy which has for ages tainted the reputation of the US.


The duo, however, degenerated into name-calling with Biden describing Trump as the “worst president America has ever had” and later referred to him as a clown.

“When the pandemic came, we closed down the country. He (Biden) didn’t think it was necessary for us to close down, but he was wrong. Joe doesn’t believe in law and order. He can’t even say the word law and order.

Why? If he says it, he is going to lose all his radical left supporters...The Democrats and radical left have got you wrapped on their fingers to a point that you don't want say anything about law and order," said Trump who went ahead and tore into Biden's son Hunter who has a history of drug addiction.

Angry Biden

Trump, who has for months now been referring to Biden as “sleepy Joe” and with poor academic credentials, sustained interruptions as Biden tried to make a point; an approach that flared up Biden’s temper.

“Will you shut up, man,” the former VP exclaimed.

“Under this president, we have become weaker, sicker, poorer, more divided, and more violent. When I was vice president, we inherited a recession, I was asked to fix it, and I did. We left Donald Trump a booming economy, and he caused a recession,” Biden stated describing Trump as Russia President Vladimir Putin’s puppy.

The two politicians will lock horns again in another debate on October 7 in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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