Don’t Ever Compare Bruno Fernandes With Mohamed Salah, See Their Stats This Season

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Actually, Salah and Fernandes are the ones making waves in Premier League this season, and they are both killing the show at their respective teams in all competitions.

The two ballers performance and contribution this season, seems close to each other.

However, Liverpool’s fans think their Egyptian wizard is the king of Premier League, and he’s performing better than the Portuguese.

Of course, comparing the Reds player with the Red Devils baller, is quite good because they are the only two players balling at the league, as far the 2020-2021 season is concerned. Meanwhile, Salah plays as a winger whilst Fernandes plays as an attacking midfielder. Thus, the Egyptian baller ought to have more goal contributions than the Portugal international this season. But, it turns otherwise as the Red Devils midfield wizard outshines the Reds attacker.

However, having seen their stats in all competitions this campaign. It’s obvious that, Bruno Fernandes performs and dazzles better than Mohamed Salah. And, it literally means that the Portuguese is way better than the Egypt international. Without any controversy this season, Bruno Fernandes deserves to win Premier League Player of the Season Award, at the end of this 2020-2021 campaign. Because, the Portuguese performance and stats in the league cannot be swept under the rug.

Moreso, the Liverpool’s fans are right to believe that Salah is better than Fernandes. Because, the Egyptian wizard bagged more goals than the Portugal international so far this season. But, Fernandes bagged more goals+assists than Salah. Of course, the two are very important in their squads, and as a matter of fact their teams depend untiringly on their performances. As, they always look up their displays in the squad whenever things go sideways for their teams. But regardless, Bruno Fernandes is better than Mohamed Salah.

The Red Devils attacking midfielder joined Manchester united last year, and he had won many individuals more than the Liverpool’s winger. As, he automatically become the most effective player in Premier League this campaign, and he happens to be Manchester united’s engine room. Because, whenever the Portuguese is off in any game, automatically the whole Manchester united’s squad is off. As, the Red Devils cannot perform without the Portugal international.

Here’s Bruno Fernandes and Mohamed Salah stats this season:-

Bruno Fernandes – Manchester United

33 Appearances

18 Goals

12 Assists

30 Goal Contributions

Mohamed Salah – Liverpool

32 Appearances

22 Goals

4 Assists

26 Goal Contributions

As far as the above stats are concerned, saying Salah is better than Fernandes doesn’t sound good enough. Because, the above stats unveil the best between the two of them. The Liverpool’s winger bagged 26 goal contributions in 32 appearances for the Jurgen Klopp’s side, while the Manchester united’s midfield wizard bagged 30 goal contributions in 33 appearances for the Ole Gunnar Solskjær side.

In a simpler way, both Bruno Fernandes and Mohamed Salah are balling, and performing remarkably in Premier League this season. But, the Portuguese is way better and greater than the Egyptian in all ways. Because, their stats obviously reveal the best between the two.

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