Don’t Ever Compare Marcus Rashford With Mohamed Salah, See Their Stats This Season

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Manchester united clash against Liverpool yesterday, in their FA Cup fixture have hewed up a new comparison online between Mohamed Salah and Marcus Rashford. As, the Red Devils fans believe that the Englishman is better than the Egyptian wizard.

We could all see the effective of the Egyptian baller in Premier League, since his arrival at Liverpool. And, he always makes waves in every season. Of course, the Englishman is indeed a brilliant winger too, but he’s not close Salah’s level.

Having seen their performances and contributions yesterday in the FA Cup fixture. It was crystal clear that, the Liverpool’s forward is way above the Manchester united’s forward. That’s, Mohamed Salah is way and twice better than Marcus Rashford.

The Ole Gunnar Solskjær winger always contributes positively, in helping the squad to bagged 3 points against the opponents. But regardless of his performance, he’s nowhere near the Jurgen Klopp’s winger abilities and capabilities.

Mohamed Salah is one the best and most dangerous forward in Premier League, as he’s been ruling the league for years, and the Reds depend so much on his performance and contribution. Whenever, Sadio Mane is off in the game, the Egyptian baller is always there to rescue the Reds.

Here’s Marcus Rashford and Mohamed Salah stats this season so far:-

Marcus Rashford – Manchester united

28 games

14 goals

9 assists

23 goal contributions

Mohamed Salah – Liverpool

25 games

17 goals

4 assists

21 goal contributions

Of course, their stats this season is kind of close to each other. As, Rashford bagged 23 goal contributions in 28 games, whilst Salah bagged 21 goal contributions in 25 games. As, the Reds winger played less games, and he almost level up the Englishman goal contributions so far this season.

Summarily, having seen Rashford and Salah performances yesterday in their FA Cup fixture. And, their stats so far this season, it’s no brainer that the Egyptian baller and wizard is way better and above the Englishman.

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