INSIDE TALK FASHION | WORLD How to make Ankara bags and shoes?

How to make Ankara bags and shoes?

Today we will be talking about making things. Do you know anything about Ankara designs? There is a big variety of them. Let’s find out how to make Ankara bags and shoes!

Ankara bags and shoe designs

Bags from Ankara

The popularity of Ankara bags continues to grow every day. Many girls choose them for their outfits. These fabrics look simply flawless. You can create anything you want with them. Bags, wallets, purses – all these are integral parts of the appearance of a woman. With these things, she feels confident and beautiful. Surely Ankara bags are fabulous. But there is one minus. These bags only go perfectly with dresses which are sewn from the same fabric as the bag. It may seem strange or ridiculous. But a true connoisseur of style will immediately understand that this is normal!
It is a pity, but you will not see a large selection of Ankara bags in the markets. Mostly they are ordered from manufacturers or on the Internet. There are two types of Ankara bags – casual and evening. Continue


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  1. Wunmi says:

    Waow, Ladies are created to bring out new Fashion every day

    1. admin says:

      Yeah, a job welldone to the creativities of Nigerian ladies

  2. Dupebenson says:

    This is a good jib

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