Health Warning: Vaping is Dangerous to Your Health

If you’re about to consider vaping to quit smoking, you might want to think about that again.

Because according to a Business Insider article, e-cigarettes, or what the youngins like to call “vaping,” are also bad for you.

According to a study, researchers have found out that there’s a link between everyday vaping and an a chance of heart attack for users.

In the study, those who vape every day have an increased risk of heart attack compared to does who do not smoke or vape. Although it’s worth noting that actual cigarettes produce a higher risk of heart attack, when compared to vape.

So, it’s still healthier than cigarettes right? Sorry, but not quite.

Vaping Encourages Kids to Smoke?

According to another study, although vaping helps adults quit the stick, it does however, encourage teens to start smoking. It’s not news that e-cigarettes or “vapes” sometimes contain nicotine. Moreover, research found out that there are kids who’s never been a smoker, yet tried vaping. The result? They get addicted to the nicotine inside the vape, which results into them to try actual smoking.

Kind of like a catch 22 here huh.

Heavy Metal

But what might be the biggest health risk that vaping has, is that the same toxic metals found on cigarettes, are also found in e-cigarettes.

A study from 2015 found that toxic metals and other metallic elements such as cadmium and nickel, were found in vape aerosols inhaled by vapers. Moreover, the study also found other unsafe levels of deadly substances like arsenic, chromium and manganese.

The source? The heating coils inside the “vape mods” are leaking the toxic metals, which goes to the aerosol that the users inhale, said Ana Maria Rule – the assistant scientist of the study by John Hopkins.

So it seems, either way you want to go about it, inhaling smoke regularly – no matter where it came from – is bad for your health.


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