PSG Need To Sign One More Player To Win The Champions League , Who will that be?

PSG Need To Sign One More Player To Win The Champions League , Who will that be?

The summer transfer window is well and truly open with lots of activities going on in transfer market as the beginning of the 2021/2022 season draws near. Players are moving from one club to the other as the clubs look to put their plans together for the coming campaign.

PSG have signed Achraf Hakimi

In France, Paris St-Germain who lost the Ligue to Lille last season have began doing business in earnest. The Parisians have signed star wingback Achraf Hakimi and veteran defender Sergio Ramos. The deals underlines their strategy going forward, they are consolidating their squad by adding quality and experience to the side.

The mission at PSG for Mauricio Pochettino is clear; reclaim domestic dominance and win the Champions League. While the first is easy, the second is something that has eluded them for quite a very long time. Despite the quality in this PSG side, they lost in their maiden UCL final 2 years ago being beaten by a superb Bayern Munich side.

Neymar and Mbappe PSG


Will this year be the year for Paris St-Germain in Europe? They have side Hakimi and Ramos, they have Mbappe and Neymar. They also have a manager took Tottenham to the UCL final in 2018. What else they need?

Cristiano Ronaldo?

Perhaps signing a player of Cristiano Ronaldo’s quality could be the final piece of the puzzle for PSG. Cristiano Ronaldo brings confidence and leadership to the fold. His influence on star player Kylian Mbappe is undeniable. Ronaldo is Mbappe’s idol and playing alongside him could bring out the best in the young Frenchman whose form is crucial if PSG are to win the Champions League!

Ronaldo and Mbappe

Juventus prefer to keep Ronaldo as they look to reclaim the Serie A title but the player may want a new challenge. Should he decide to move to Paris, it would be one of the biggest transfers of the summer.

How about Lionel Messi?

Signing Messi would be just great. He is still unstoppable on the pitch and could well be on his way to winning another Ballon D’or. The Argentine asked to leave Barcelona last summer but was later convinced to stay and see out his contract. Messi is already out of contract since 1 July, and thus a free agent!

Messi Argentina Copa America

If Paris play are able to propose a convincing project, they could well sign him for free! Yes sign Lionel freaking Messi for free!

However, Barcelona are said to have agreed an extension with their skipper and only are just a few paper works away from an official announcement. Nevertheless, the transfer window is still open and anything can still happen.